Summer Storms

Still days. Simmering heat draws upward lines from the blacktop, softening in the suns intensity. Clouds gather and build in the distant horizon, like an unseen army ~ still and waiting. Slowly then with increasing speed, storm clouds advance with steady determination, ever changing in shape and color. White, then grey and green until the vision becomes most ominous black exuding a power beyond compare. White-hot jagged lines of electrical power dance their way across the sky and to the scorched earth. Not a sound is heard as trees, grass and flowers are silent ~ No wind to dance. With an expectant pause, nature takes a breath ~ ~ ~ ~

The force that has danced with fury since time began releases its torrential rain, cooling what it previously heated to its boiling point. Clouds roll with great speed across the plains to a predetermined destination. Sporadically wrecking havoc along its way. On the backside of its anger, sunshine and rainbows wait to remind us of a promise made many years ago by “The One Who Orders” the path of nature’s journey. As the skies after the storm ~ be still and know

Avie Layne 2012