The Gambler

The gambler, striding with ever-confident steps towards a man-made addiction created from self-recriminations.Heart and mind quickening in anticipation of the monetary kill that surely must be his for the taking ~ this time.This is his moment in time, for the ever elusive, quick and sought after riches ~ this is his occasion to be the victor.Placing his hand upon the machine and giving a quick pull, while a desperate prayer escapes his lips un-noticed to himself.“Please God; let this pull be the one”.Breath caught, heart rising in rapid pulse points~ failure ~ unmatched sour lemons dance before him in gleeful mockery.“I will try again”, he murmurs feeding not only the mocking device but his own misunderstood uncontrollable desire. Coins fed into an ever growing hungry monster ~again ~ visions of failure ~ taunting.“Just one more try”, beats into his head in an erratic tempo as this obsessive sequence repeated over and over again.Shock and realization of lost finances and control come crashing around his head ~ threatening sanity.A momentary thrill and promise of quick riches leave behind the acrid bitter taste and deep regret at the dawn’s enticing light.“What have I done” whispered with face buried into timeworn hands.“Never again” are empty promises ringing to himself and to those whom are held dear.Reflective accusations and promises to himself will continue to be broken as tomorrow is another day ~ surely to be his time.

Avie Layne 2012