After the storm, puddles remain. The young at heart come out of their shelters to play. A shimmering haven of fresh rainwater awaits bare feet ~ both young and old to dip toes into its coolness. Three teens ~ an aunt break into peels of laughter as the splashing games begin.

Drops fly from feet kicked in joy, showering upon heads and laughing faces. Jumping, running and splashing continues till not a dry spot remains. Weeks of tension fade from the elder. Summer energy flows from the young and never tires. Heart felt comments could be heard “This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time”. Stress is forgotten as the cool fresh water heals with the laughter of nature. Wiping tears of gaiety mixed with rain, age gaps are not important and fade with the fun. As darkness falls, spirits are filled with the joy and peace that comes from visiting a moment from childhood.

Avie Layne 2012