A Journey Seeker

It’s just a small tin, however what floats out is large and evokes images of the beautiful scents of nature. Journey Seeker's beard balm, once applied to a beard takes on the essence of the man. Though my own man does not sport a beard, I wanted to see the response of a female who smelled it on her own man. Giving the tin to a friend of mine, he applied the beard balm – Campfire, to his beard and let it sit a few minutes. The look on his girlfriend’s face was priceless. She closed her eyes, nuzzled in, and almost purred. Not just at the first smell, but for the rest of the evening. I have since passed along samples to other female friends of mine, who have a man with a beard of their own. They too, nearly purr with the smell that invokes deep memories of what a man smelled like before the days of men’s cologne. "Love at first sniff."

The Journey Seeker started with the journey of one man – a voyage to settle the turmoil in his soul. From shore to shore the journey had taken months as the man started at one ocean and traveled to the other. Mid-way found him spending a few weeks at a house that belonged to a friend, working on a project. The project was stripping varnish off of a log cabin and applying a new coat. A job that required more brawn than thought – one that would allow for the quiet contemplation his soul sorely needed. As he opened the bucket, the incredible scent of pine tar came forth. It reminded him of the fresh wooded area around him. As he put his face closer to the bucket and closed his eyes, his mind was flooded with memories of other trips he had taken. The smell transported him back to excursions from his life of camping and canoe trips, walks in the woods, and time spent at the hunting shack surrounded by male family and friends.

His journey started long before the expedition across the United States. As a young boy, he was always seeking his true self and rallying against those who would place him into a box. Later as an adolescent he pushed and pulled against the restraints that modern day society uses to conform men into something other than what they were created to be. This drive and fight is not restricted to just one young man – it is story of all males.

Rather than the strong protector and provider – our culture over the past few decades have demanded men become soft and complacent. A demand that goes against the very nature they were created to have. A man’s success has become measured by the amount of money he makes and the power he wields within the walls of buildings. Society has stripped away the ability for men to shape their masculinity and dominance through pushing past the confrontations of nature – harsh or mild.

So – how does a man reconnect with his true nature? By exploring and experiencing the very word itself – nature, a man can listen to the beat of his own heart and learn the rhythm of his own soul. This reconnection with the very nature that we originated from serves to unleash the very potential of a man and his destiny.

In the end, masculinity is about courage. The courage to go outside your comfort zone and embrace something new - something that will push you past your own strength and endurance -something that will take you outside of your comfort zone. Perhaps even to embrace a little fear in order to truly feel alive as you were created to be. However, each man must search his heart to know exactly what that something is.

There is a reason why The Journey Seeker’s Motto is, "Pursue adventure, embrace boldness, and reclaim masculinity."

Avie Layne 2012