I am the Dreamer

I am the dreamer who pens the songs of life and love in harmony. I am the dreamer who writes the prose from deep within my soul. I am the dreamer who composes the music of two hearts beating. I am the dreamer whose heart is moved by the songs of nature. I am the dreamer who feels the warm breeze of love sighing in the air. I put pen to paper for dreams unknown and songs unsung. I create that of nothing and yet of everything.

The spirit of the dreamer fills with the possibilities of life. Into the arms of safety the dreamer travels by closing her eyes. Pain and stress fades within her safe place. Breathing becomes slow and steady, as dreams are reborn to new depths and delights. Though the dreams may stay hidden within the dreamer never to be shared, they are all the more precious and realistic within the heart.

The dreams of this dreamer are deeply ingrained, set into my soul at my creation. Though dreams may change, they are my own. Some will be revealed and realized while others may remain within the heart as a dream.

I am the dreamer who dreams.

Avie Layne 2012