The deep darkness of a summer night envelops a solitary soul in its warm embrace. The contrasting coolness of the breeze stirs the heart to dance along with the leaves above. The stars in their timeless spender, light the night sky as individual poetic jewels. The soft sounds of nature caress the ears with new songs sung nightly. Small creatures moving in unison; water tripping over times rocks and bends, leaves being played like the gentle bells of love. Where does this heart fit into the night? Busy streets of life interfere and do not let the peace of night be often felt. Nighttime’s still caress of love should be felt within the mind, heart, spirit and soul. Life is to be moved in full circles not halves. Forgetting the peace and solitude of night, and frantically moving within the day, only to collapse in dream filled sleep before the treasure of night can be felt. We move with heads, not hearts.

Night ~ star filled ~ peaceful

Breathe deep and be filled

Avie Layne 2012