Winter Insanity

OK, I MUST be insane. The beautiful snowy landscapes at the lake house are calling to my camera and calling to me. With a wind-chill of -16 below we take a walk, my camera and I, venturing out in borrowed boots that are too big (I neglected to plan ahead). Bundled appropriately or not, I’m affectionately called “my little under-the-bridge lady” as I go out the door to see what I can frame in my viewfinder.

A wooden trailer made beautiful by a layer of snow becomes a work of art. Trees, grasses, and rocks in their own form are beautiful to behold, however encase them in a coat of freshly fallen snow and behold their transformation in awe. Items dance and sparkle with snow diamonds as the bright winter sun glints off each individual flake. Fingers and face become cold and frozen as I look for just one more perfect shot. I capture what I can for each picture is only a twinkling in time, as nature’s landscape changes moment by moment and second by second. Today’s pictures are tomorrow’s memories.

Avie Layne 2012