The Coffee Shop

What is it about the ambiance of a place that settles our busy minds? A cup of your favorite hot beverage in the fall chases away the chill, which crept into your body, during the mad dash from your car into the building. Served not in the quick disposable which we have grown accustom to, but a beautiful earthenware red mug, the way coffee and tea were meant to be enjoyed. Organic tasty food prepared by unhurried hands soothes away the stressors of the day, nourishing body and soul alike. Looking above at a menu written in a fine hand on chalkboard, my choice for this blustery evening “Turkey and Cheddar on Cranberry Walnut Bread” and thick “Butternut Squash Bisque”. A large red mug filled with Chai Latte is the perfect accompaniment.

Looking around at the patrons you wonder what their day encompassed. The proprietor, sitting in the corner working on her business accounts. A couple sitting across from each other, hands cupped around a steaming mug, sharing smiles and warm conversation with the woman across from her. It’s easy to guess a long married couple stopping by for a relaxing cup of affection before heading home.

There is the solitary woman with her glass of wine and newspaper. Is she relaxing from a harried day before going home to her “other” job? Unwinding to give that little extra love and care to her brood that eagerly waits for her arrival? Is she possibly postponing the inevitable walk through her solitary lonely door? Loneliness does not hover about her. One can only guess and speculate at her story.

Each visit to the coffee house opens the door to new people and different stories, though the ambiance remains the same. Quiet music plays in the background amid the songs of the coffee machine. The scents of delicious aromas filling the air are reviving me from a long day at work. The walls filled with art created from an unseen muse only viewed by the artist; canvases which demand quiet contemplation and thought. My mind has settled amid this atmosphere. The atmosphere, natural food and delectable coffee and tea will draw me back to this place again and again.

Avie Layne 2012