Autumn at The Lake House

The leaves are just beginning to turn to the jewel tones of golden yellows and reds.The green that remains is a pale imitation of summer’s deeper vibrant color. You can feel the bite in the air at night, and the chill that lingers into the morning. Tiny tendrils of fog hover just over the tops of the wild grasses in the fields, heavy with dew. Though it’s warm during the day, the sunshine has a slant to it that is unmistakable fall. The sounds of the day lack the carefree noise of children as they are back to school, while you hear the geese honking to each other that it is nigh time to fly. The sun leaves its place in the sky earlier each day and is more reluctant to return each morning. The stars are crisper and brighter as night wanes longer and longer. The clouds holding the promise of snow, drift across the bright day and into the night, leading us into winter.

Avie Layne 2012